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A part of the spiritual respite program involves a mission to explore the healing power of nature, and its use in helping emotionally fragile children and their families who are undergoing stressful situations (such as a death or serious illness in the family, divorce, abuse or neglect, dysfunctional family life, post-traumatic stress, etc.).

Various types of spiritual healing modalities will be explored, including: Nature therapy, animal therapy (pets, equine, farm animals), horticulture therapy (organic gardening), art and music therapy, therapeutic massage (myofascia release, and other energy work), guided meditation, and proprioceptive writing.

Seminars on these various topics will be offered to small groups of participants who have been referred by community groups such as Family Connection. We have already begun working with a number of individual children and their families on an "as needed" basis, and will be expanding the program in the future.


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